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     Veterinary medicine is complicated, and it gets even more complicated with something as large as a horse! Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is needed to help cut through the weeds and come up with an accurate diagnosis and formulate a new plan. We know that pursuing a second opinion can sometimes be awkwardso we are happy to communicate and work with your veterinarian as much as needed, or quietly discuss other options with you alone at your request. We do our best to avoid repeating diagnostics and value having access to prior histories, labs, xrays, ultrasounds, MRIs or other imaging. We won’t repeat treatments that have not worked in the pastbut we will come up with a new plan and diagnosis for treatments and rehabilitation that works for youyour horse and your veterinarian. Veterinary medicine is a team sport and wlook forward to partnering with other equine veterinarians, farriers, and therapists to build a network of excellent care providers for your horse.

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