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     The CURO is a new diagnostic in veterinary medicine. It uses the principles of acoustic myography to give us a graph showing how well muscles are working and how healthy large ligaments are. We can evaluate muscular symmetry and fitness in real time while your horse is lunged or ridden. This is especially helpful for rehabilitation as we can visualize how your horse’s muscles are working during a therapy or exercise, so we can modify their therapy or exercise to maximize proper use of the muscles and joints and help prevent further injury. This is especially helpful for evaluating the hindlimb proximal suspensory ligament. We have a lot left to learn about this exciting modality and how it can help us improve veterinary care. Dr. Jill is actively involved with researching the CURO and acquiring new data sets concerning differences between healthy and injured horses, and the effects our protective gear and therapeutic techniques have on muscle activity.  
     What is “acoustic myography”? It is the study of the sounds made by contracting and relaxing muscles and ligaments. Like a plucked guitar string or lightningactive muscle fibers vibrate and make pressure waves, also known as sound wavesThe guitar strinmakes a musical note, lightning makes thunder, and muscles make very quiet rumbling sounds that we cannot hear with our own ears. The CURO can hear them though and converts the sound wave into a signal that is displayed on a graph. It can tell us how long a muscle is actively contracting or “on” for, as well a proportion of how many muscle fibers are being used, and how fast or efficiently they are contracting. For more information, visit

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