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We provide a range of on-site joint therapies. Most horses respond well to the standard therapy of intraarticular steroids and hyaluronic acid. These medications reduce pain and inflammation in the joint by temporarily stopping production of the molecules that cause inflammation and signal pain. Additionally, we have ProStride and Restigen PRP available. Both of these products are made from the horse’s own blood and use the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and healing factorsPro-Stride makes a plasma that concentrates the body’s own anti-inflammatory molecules and stimulates cells to make more while it is being processed. It can safely be used in and around joints and often helps horses with more severe injuries or arthritis. Restigen PRP is a blood product called platelet rich plasma. Platelets contain growth factors and anti-inflammatory signals that stimulate healing and repair. PRP contains highly concentrated platelets, so a strong healing environment can be stimulated in and around an injury. PRP is a great treatment for tendon and ligament injuries.
Stem cell treatment is also indicated in some cases. They can be used to stimulate healing in tendon and ligament injuries, as well as some OCD lesions. Stem cells can travel to and concentrate at injuries before moving on. They can be injected directly into an injury, or when that is not possible, given into a blood vessel nearby. However, stem cell harvest and culture must be done in a very clean and controlled environment, so we recommend starting the procedure at a referral facility.

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