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     Athletic horses can get injured or have pain in areas other than their legsA complete performance evaluation takes this into consideration. We evaluate your horse for pain or discomfort from top to bottom with a dedicated exam that is no less than two and a half hoursWe will go through their history and any prior imaging with you. Your horse will be evaluated standing as well as moving in straight lines and lunging both directions to help build a complete picture of where movement is restricted. We can also watch your horse ridden if the lameness or performance problem occurs more under saddle, for example in specific movements or jumping off one lead or another. Diagnostic analgesia, or nerve blocks, may be used to help pinpoint the source of pain and help us focus additional diagnostics. We will recommend treatments and care based on what we find in your horse’s evaluation. 
     We carry a variety of diagnostic tools with us in our truck every day, including digital xray and ultrasound and the CURO. We invest in the best portable digital radiograph and ultrasound technology to maximize diagnostic value. Radiographs, better known as x-rays, are used to evaluate your horse’s bones primarily. We can look for evidence of arthritis, fractures, trauma, chronic stress injuries, and developmental diseasesUltrasound is used to evaluate soft tissues but can also take a detailed look at bone surfaces. We can diagnose and track tendon and ligament injuries, as well as arthritis in the neck and back, soft tissues in the stifle, and evaluate internal organs like the lungs and intestines. With the CURO we can evaluate muscle and ligament health and fitness. For more information on how our technology works and how we use itcheck out our Imaging and CURO pages

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