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Shockwave therapy is beneficial for treatment of orthopedic pain and tendon and ligament injuries. It works by stimulating cells to produce growth factors and anti-inflammatory factors to improve or re-start healing. This is especially useful at bone-tendon or bone-ligament interfaces, like the proximal suspensory ligament. It is also potent orthopedic pain reliever and can be used to treat arthritis or other bone pain.

What is shockwave therapy? It is not an electrical shock like the name suggests. Shockwave therapy generates a large pressure wave, like a sound wave, in the top of the trode by generating a spark between two points, similar to a spark plug. The spark makes the pressure wave that is conducted through liquid at the top of the trode that travels into the tissue.

We do not recommend and will not treat any horses within one week of high stress exercise, such as gallop training, racing, or jump work due to the risk of masking injuries and pain.

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